European Vehicle Transport Services

If you are in need of European Vehicle Transport Services, then contact DMS for your needs. We re able to offer some of the most competitive rates on the market and are fully insured to transport vehicles from the UK through to any country in the European Union, or bring vehicles from the European Union into the UK.


Competitive European Vehicle Transport Rates

Our European vehicle transport rates are competitive and transparent. Before every delivery we can give you a full breakdown of what costs will be incurred for the transport of your vehicle. This allows you to have a full and transparent view of every expense incurred which can be anything from ferry charges to toll gates.

By giving you a clear breakdown of your costs you can be sure to avoid any hidden charges out competitors may add on to your bill such as overnight hotel stays, food expenses and other luxuries.


List Of European Countries We Operate In

We do European vehicle delivery and collection throughout the UK & Europe to the following countries:

  • Shipping to Austria
  • Shipping to Belgium
  • Shipping to France
  • Shipping to Poland
  • Shipping to Hungary
  • Shipping to Germany
  • Shipping to Holland
  • Shipping to Italy
  • Shipping to Cyprus
  • Shipping to North Cyprus
  • Shipping to Switzerland
  • Shipping to Turkey